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Grantee Spotlight


Mothers Outreach Network facilitates the power of Black mothers subject to systems of disempowerment, such as the family regulation and foster system, to upend a socio-economic structure that inadequately addresses their full potential for economic independence. It advances economic security for women and families through social justice education, mutual aid, grassroots mobilization, and legal advocacy, focused on disadvantaged Black women in Washington, DC. The WBAF grant will support a new pop-up legal clinic program focused on mothers with children entangled in the foster care system that provides assistance that includes navigating Child Protective Services investigations to address neglect related allegations and minimize removals; post-Child Protection Register inclusion fair hearings representation; legal services that impact economic security such as child tax credits, and collecting stories for city officials and oversight hearings on these issues.


Mothers Outreach Network has volunteer opportunities through their brief advice clinics and legal information/know-your-rights sessions. These opportunities exist in both their low-income tax practice and our family defense and economic justice practice. No tax or family law experience is needed – Mothers Outreach Network will provide training. Contact Melody Webb at

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