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Sustaining Legacy Circle

Sustaining Legacy Circle

Sustaining Legacy Circle members are incredibly generous supporters who have named the WBA Foundation in their estate planning and/or have already made a bequest to the Foundation.

Candace Beck

Gaffar Chowdhury

Grace Parke Fremlin

Rachel & Matt Hardwick

Mary Ellen Fleck Kleiman

Bridget Bailey Lipscomb

Nancy A. Long

Susan Kovarovics

Elizabeth Sinnott Medaglia

Sadina Montani

Monica G. Parham* (bequest funds received in 2022)

Suzanne Reifman

Suzanne Richards* (bequest funds received in 2018)

Joseph H. Sinnott

Kirsten L. Wilkerson

Natalia C. Wilson


Click here to learn more about leaving a planned gift to the Foundation.

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